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Over You
Two weeks, and I've cracked.
thought I could take a step back.
After I'd thought things through,
I thought I could
get over you.
Things are
still almost the same,
I've spoken to you
most days.
All I ask is to
My Heart,
"Why didn't you grow cold from the start?"
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Your face
There's a smile on your face,
But there's tears in your eyes.
The facade is crumbling,
the wall behind which you hide.
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Find me
Sometimes I wish someone knew to find me when I need company,
talk to me when I want to listen and hold me when I want to cry.
But you're only human, you can't read my mind,
so i'll curl up in the dark tonight and hope you find me while I'm still alive.
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Just a Statistic
Cold emotions and an empty smile,
The stone dead heart hasn't beat in a while.
The bloods pooled already on the floor,
Her dulled eyes looking for the door,
The only way she could see to escape
The never-ending torrent of abuse and hate.
A life of loving and learning led astray.
Another number thought of no other way.
A simple glance that says everything,
Another queen never to find her king.
The knife's under the window light,
Framed by a streak shining bright.
The glint of a reflection catches the eye,
White clouds and birds pass on by,
Life goes on for the others by her side
Whilst she runs, and in the darkness hides.
Her eyes are gently brushed shut,
The blanket drawn over the fatal cut.
Words of peace and love whisper out
Sounding in the silence like a shout.
The syringes are collected without sound,
The wires carefully coiled and bound.
For the paramedics its just another job,
From the family just a whimpered sob.
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Let us tie our hands with ribbon
Let us paint smiles across our faces
Let us wear our necklaces of rope together
And hang so they can find us

When I first saw that face I knew
That we would never last
I knew neither of us was strong enough
But that our love wouldn't pass
When I first saw that note you wrote
I knew we were both the same
Acceptance was never an option,
They just tolerated us day to day
So let us tie our hands with ribbon
Let us paint smiles across our faces
Let us wear our necklaces of rope together
And hang so they can find us

In life there were tears and struggling
Arguments amongst the rest
We just followed along behind
Tried to fit in, we tried our best
In death we cannot be separated
There's no-one to judge or shout
Together in the blackness eternal
Strong, not pushed about
So let us tie our hands with ribbon
And let us paint smiles across our faces
Let us wear our necklace of rope together
And hang so they can find us
So let us tie our hands with r
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The Freedom of Flying
And I walk the final walk,
Up the clifftops to the peak.
I stand and look out upon the waves,
The freedom that we all seek.
I spread my arms out wide,
Look down upon the sea,
The rocks below the water,
My freedom just ahead of me.
A simple step to a better time,
Wind through my hair as I fly.
In those final moments I am free,
I accept the pain with only a soft cry.
The cold of the water shocks.
Down. Down. Down, I sink.
Happy memories flood my mind,
A brief moment to think.
And I kick toward the light,
The pain is more than surface deep.
I realise now that flying,
This is not the way to what we seek.
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Until Death Do Us Part - II
He ran his hand through his tousled blonde hair, his eyes were still half-closed with sleep, and stumbled toward the entrance. Nought but two steps later, he fell again.
"Gabe…" It could have been mistaken for a whisper of the wind, but it was the most that the distraught man could manage. He pushed himself to his knees once again, paused and fell back to the snow-bound Earth he had come from. The faintest whimper of a broken man in pain, he tried again, "Gabe…" Nothing. Only silence followed the rough whisper.
The dirty blonde hair fell across the face of the small man, his pale and drawn face showing the stress of the previous few weeks, his long and thin fingers reached across the snow covered graves towards the entrance, the snow he had only just climbed out of. There had been another beside him and he followed their tracks with his dulled eyes, they led away, only away. He tried once more to push himself to his knees, with a barking cough and another soft whimper of pain
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Mature content
Oh What I'd Give... :iconxxxforgottonxxx:xXxforgottonxXx 1 1
A Girl In Love
Oh, to sleep with a smile on my lips, not a tear in my eye.
To sleep with sweet thoughts playing through my mind, not a heavy heart.
To sleep dreaming of tomorrow in your arms, not alone with my fears.
To sleep like a girl in love, it's a start.
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Some of my recent work.

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do not fear by hiritai do not fear :iconhiritai:hiritai 594 67 Park Bench by hiritai Park Bench :iconhiritai:hiritai 1,744 200
Healer of the Broken-Hearted
      People always reject the rain. They dislike walking in it; they always complain when the drops consume the sky. But they don't understand how caring the rain is.
      The rain falls over my cheeks, wiping away my tears. No passerby can tell the difference. The dampness drifts up and clings to my body. It's very cold, but at least I have a word for this unstoppable shaking. The water never stops, piling and piling on top of my shoulders. It empathises with this unbearably heavy burden in my chest.
      I don't understand how people can dislike such a comforting friend.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 13 24
Mature content
My Darkness :iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 15 26
A Digital Coloring Tutorial: 1 by joulee A Digital Coloring Tutorial: 1 :iconjoulee:joulee 2,134 253 How about Now and Now? by joulee How about Now and Now? :iconjoulee:joulee 489 129 The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH :icondahlig:dahlig 52,767 3,700
Death's Lullaby
She paints a perfect picture,
She tells a flawless lie,
She sings a song of beauty,
A haunting lullaby.
Her lullaby will sooth you,
Her song will give you wings,
Her mournful voice will trap you,
Every time she sings.
Her song is one of sorrow,
A portrait of her life,
And those who hear are captured,
Haunted by her strife.
Her song will leave you crying,
She'll wipe away your tears,
But compassion is a falsehood,
Created over years.
Her song will penetrate you,
A knife straight through your heart,
The tune will plague your footsteps,
A seductive work of art.
Her song is one of anguish,
An image of your fate,
But you won't know her purpose,
Until it's far too late.
Her acid tears will burn you,
Her knives will slash your skin,
Her crimson blood will stain you,
Forgive you of your sin.
Her melody will slay you,
Her hymn will let you fly,
Her song is flawless sorrow,
Death's haunting lullaby.
:icondeadlypoison695:deadlypoison695 90 531
A book with Grandpa's favorite quote
A poem that your boyfriend wrote
Your little cousin's old toy boat
They're all disposable.
A picture of a long lost friend
A letter you forgot to send
The broken heart you couldn't mend
They're all disposable.
A notebook from your freshman year
With notes from friends you once held dear
A porcelain doll you used to fear
They're all disposable.
The lies I'm burning to confess
The love I'm yearning to caress
The tears I constantly repress
Am I disposable?
The hollow hopes that didn't last
The shining dreams that died so fast
The constant fear of things long past
Am I disposable?
A hopeless cry within the strife
My tears reflected by the knife
The memory of a happy life
Am I disposable?
A cry rings through the black of night
The raven and the crow take flight
A cloud impedes the pure moonlight
We're all disposable.
A bloody pool of hopes and dreams
Overcast eyes and strangled screams
A life that burst out at the seams
We're all disposable.
A body in a
:icondeadlypoison695:deadlypoison695 138 136
Forever, have I lost you?
You're fading from my sight.
Can you not see we're falling?
We're dying in the night.
My heart is yours, Forever,
I'll never turn away.
I'll wait for you to find me.
I'll try to make you stay.
You promised me, Forever,
To make our hearts as one.
Did you forget, Forever,
To tell me we were done?
Forever, will you hold me,
And sooth my heart to sleep?
Tell me again, Forever,
That I'm the one you'll keep.
My heart will beat, Forever,
Until you bid it rest.
I'll live for you, Forever.
I'll try to pass this test.
Forever, I feel empty,
My heart has told a lie.
Forever, can you promise
That you won't start to cry?
This wound will bleed, Forever,
But pain is worth the prize.
I'll sing for you, Forever,
An angel for your eyes.
I'm leaving you, Forever,
But, Forever, I will wait.
I promise that I'll meet you
At heaven's golden gate.
Forever, I will hold you,
I'll never let you go.
Forever, I will love you,
Though you may never know.
I want to stay, Forever,
But God has
:icondeadlypoison695:deadlypoison695 274 175
Mirror, Mirror,
lie to me
and show me what
I want to see,
a world untouched,
un-harmed by love,
a world not cursed,
that soars above,
a world of warmth,
not cold as ice,
a world where hearts break once,
not twice.
Mirror, Mirror,
lie to me
and show me what
I wish to see,
a moonlit night,
not pouring rain,
tears cried for joy,
not cried for pain,
a peaceful life,
a brand-new slate,
a world where love
can't turn to hate.
Mirror, Mirror,
lie to me
and show me what
I hope to see,
a world where pain
cannot occur,
where tears don't make
my vision blur,
where happiness
can't drag me down,
and love won't try
to make me drown.
Mirror, Mirror,
lie to me
and show me what
I pray to see,
a place where I
won't need to feel,
where time and life
are not so real,
a place where I
don't need to think,
where into death
I'll never sink.
Mirror, Mirror,
lie to me
and show me what
I know can't be,
a world where death
is not a choice,
a place where I
can't hear his voice,
a world where cuts
don't bleed or sca
:icondeadlypoison695:deadlypoison695 567 257
My First Kiss
The moment was awkward and all was still
One moment we were laughing and then silence prevailed.
Our eyes met but I grew afraid—
Quickly I blushed and looked the other way.
But he just smiled at me and took my hand—
Sometimes I just hate it when he always understands.
And even more when he tucks my hair behind my ear.
He looks at me like that and logic just disappears…
I get weak in the knees, my hands start to shake
Has anyone ever compared love to an earthquake?
If not, I would have to say that’s how it makes me feel
I have to sit down or I cannot deal
And he just laughs at me as he sets me down
Safely, I sit upon the ground…
But he’s still looking at me strange…
Is my secret out? Does he feel the same way?
But what if he doesn’t, I thought too much?
And there’s no secret meaning behind his touch?
I hate it when I do that
It’s the reason why I never did well at math…
Maybe if I say something—what is this?
He just touched my
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 1,575 676
THE END by hiritai THE END :iconhiritai:hiritai 1,297 140
Let go
One, Two, Three
Breathe in slowly.
Count again.
Take in another breathe and let go.
Release all your fear.
Release all bad thoughts.
Take in good thoughts and feelings.
Let go.
Let go of me.
Fill your lungs to the brim.
count again. Start now.
Submerse yourself in the water.
Hold it in.
Swallow the water and let go.
Let go of everything.
:iconmychemicalromance101:mychemicalromance101 20 20
Abstract Grunge by Flamixbrushes Abstract Grunge :iconflamixbrushes:Flamixbrushes 5 2 Grunge by Tazni Grunge :icontazni:Tazni 334 57


by Jshei

:bulletred:Technique:bulletred: I'm going to be honest here. And by that I mean when I saw the thumbnail in my devWatch I thought "Not another photograph o...



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And Time Flies By ...

So it's been a year since I updated. To the day.
I've checked periodically, browsed through the pictures that appeared in my feed but that was about it.
I haven't drawn anything other than degree-related architectural designs.
I haven't taken many photos other than those for a site analysis.
I haven't written much other than lab reports, or essays.
It's all paid off though. I passed (well) and am now completing my third year at university.

I mended my broken heart.
My confidence has increased ten-fold.
And I am happy.

To see where I'm a little more regular check out and you'll discover where my life wants to lead itself to now.
There is a massive world out there and I can do so much more than sit behind a desk, creating wasteful, resource consuming buildings for wasteful and resource-consuming humans on the little island that I live.

I can do something.
I can be someone.
And I will
be someone.

Until next time, whenever that may be,

Still your Little Loz


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
An amateur photographer studying at Coventry University, England.


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